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Daily Schedule



Crowell ISD Prekindergarten and FCNC Head Start



7:55-8:00         Arrival, Attendance, Lunch Count and Announcements          

8:00-8:20         Big Group at the rug – Calendar

8:20-8:25         Wash hands for breakfast

8:25-8:45         Breakfast in the cafeteria

8:45-9:00          Morning Greeter, Story Time- read book about weekly theme

9:00- 9:30          First Rotation, Free Center Time

9:30-9:40           Songs, Finger Play and Nursery Rhymes, Books on the rug

9:40-10:10         Second Rotation, Free Center Time

10:10-10:20       Songs, Finger Play and Nursery Rhymes, Books on the rug

10:20-10:50        Third Rotation, Free Center Time

10:50-11:20        Recess/Outdoor Time

11:20-11:30        Bathroom Break and Wash hands for Lunch

11:30-12:00        Lunch in the cafeteria

12:00-12:15        Bathroom Break, Get Ready for Rest/Quite Time

12:15-2:30         Rest/Quite Time

2:30-2:40           Snack Time

2:40-3:15           Free Center Time/Individual Tutoring

3:15-3:25           Pack Backpacks, Put up Daily Bee and Dismiss      

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