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20 Days of Kindness Challenge

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20 Days of Kindness Challenge!!

October 21st – November 15th 

October 21st- Day 1 ; Write a 3rd party compliment 

Day 2 ; Hold the door for someone

Day 3 ; Give a hug or handshake to someone

Day 4 ; Tell someone they did a good job

Day 5 ; Help an adult/friend do a task

October 28th- Day 6 ; Give 5 people a compliment 

Day 7 ; Speak to someone who is not in your circle of friends 

Day 8 ; Give a compliment on social media #wildcatsforkindness

Day 9 ; Check in with an elderly person that would love to hear from you

Day 10 ; Write a thank-you note

November 4th- Day 11 ; Tell someone an appropriate, funny joke to make them laugh

Day 12 ; Pick up 10 pieces of trash 

Day 13 ; Sit beside someone new in class or at lunch

Day 14 ; Learn something new about one of your teachers

Day 15 ; Speak to the elementary kids when you see them in the halls

November 11th- Day 16 ; Leave a note for a random person

Day 17 ; Create a sign or poster with kind words to carry during our rally

Day 18 ; Post an inspirational quote on social media #wildcatsforkindness

Day 19 ; Smile at someone who is having a bad day

Day 20 ; Come up with a new way to show an act of kindness

Be kind

Be Kind

Be Kind

Be kind