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Week of February 11, 2018

by From the Superintendent's Desk

Posted on January 16, 2018

Our students are excited!  They will enjoy a four-day weekend this week.  Our faculty and staff will have a Staff Development day on Friday, February 16th and then start a three-day weekend.  Presidents’ Day, Monday, February 20th, is a school holiday.   Judging from the tired sleepy faces getting off the buses last Thursday night returning from the Perot Museum field trip, a four-day weekend would have been much appreciated last week.    

The trip to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science was a huge success!  The buses pulled out at 6:30 AM and everyone was back in Crowell around 11:30 PM.  It was a huge success and a HUGE day too!  Every minute and hour of the trip was filled with new experiences and new learning.  If you saw any of the pictures posted on Facebook, you could not miss all the smiles on everyone faces.  A good time was had by all and lots of good memories were made.  We are very appreciative for the parent volunteers that accompanied us, Lezlie Carroll and Kelly Gerhardt, and the generous donation our Rotary Club made.  We rely on one another.  Strong schools cannot exist without strong community support and engagement.

Even though our high school building was void of our students, new experiences and new learning was happening here too.  Ms. Kantrel Williams and Ms. Amber Garvin were here to facilitate the District CX Debate Meet.  They spent the day watching teams from neighboring schools debate each other.  They got to converse with seasoned and experienced judges and pick their brains on a variety of academic UIL events.  Everything they learned and observed will be applied to our own students for their growth and benefit.  I think it is safe to say Crowell High School will have a CX Debate team, or two, next year.  This past Thursday was definitely an untraditional school day.  Every now and then, untraditional can be a very good thing.

A good number of our students and our staff have been battling the flu, strep throat, pink eye, and the stomach bug for several weeks now.  We have not had a day with an exceptionaly high absentee rate that forced school closure as some schools around us have, but rather a steady rate.  It is higher than our absentee rate compared to this same time last year, but not nearly high enough to trigger discussions of closure.  We hate to see our kiddos or our adults sick.  Hopefully all of the sickness will run its course very soon!

It’s a GREAT day to be a Wildcat!


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