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Week of January 22, 2018

by From the Superintendent's Desk

Posted on January 16, 2018

Can you hear it?  Crowell ISD is buzzing with activity!  January is a busy month, as are each of the months to follow.  Our weeks are filled with basketball games, both Junior High and Varsity, Stock Shows, near and far, Robotics competitions, TMSCA – Texas Math and Science Coaches Association, practice meets and competitive meets, and Tennis, Track, and Golf are just around the corner.  The wonderful thing is that all of this goes on in addition to days filled with teaching and learning in the traditional classroom.  I note “traditional” classroom because excellent teaching and deep learning also takes place during each of the extra events I just listed.  That is the reason our coaches and sponsors spend so much time and work so hard with the students in the various events.  Throughout the school year students have opportunities to participate in a variety of extra-curricular and academic events.  We recognize their value and strive to provide them to our students, not just outside of the regular school day, but as electives during the school day too to enrich the core curriculum.  One example of this is Recorder Karate.  Yes, you read that right. 

Our 7th graders will have a semester of Recorder Karate with Coach Humphrey.  This past fall semester they took Teen Leadership. For the spring semester they will enjoy learning a little music with a fun Karate twist.  Just as students of Karate progress and improve their skills earn belts of different colors, our students will earn belts to show their skill attainment in music.  We may find we have some budding musicians.  At the very least, they will all gain some basic knowledge of music.  

We are also excited and looking forward to taking our entire High School, grades 9th through 12th, on a field trip.  Early on Thursday morning, February 8, buses will pull out of Crowell headed to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas.  Coach Hayes has worked with the museum and come up with an agenda for the day filled with fun learning activities.   We believe it is so important to give our students experiences that introduce them to new things, to spark curiosity, and to enrich and expand upon lessons learned.   

We may be a small school but we are certainly not a small-minded school with small expectations or small hopes for our students’ futures.  Kantrel Williams recently posted something on Facebook to our students.  The next day, it was found taped on the High School office door, written in pencil on notebook paper – but the word “You” was replaced with “I”.  Someone heard you, Ms. Williams – and believed.  “I am a Promise, I am a Possibility, I am a Promise with a capital P!  I am a great big bundle of Potentiality, I can be anything God wants me to be!”

It really is a GREAT day to be a Wildcat!


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