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Week of January 3, 2018

by From the Superintendent's Desk

Posted on December 15, 2017

Happy New Year!  Classes have resumed and we are looking forward to a great second semester!  Having our kiddos back in the building puts a big smile on our face and excites us.  But we have something else to be exited and FIRED UP about!  Aric Bostick, will be here Friday to speak to our students, faculty and staff, and parents.  He is one of the nation’s leading motivational speakers and success trainers.  He is also a bestselling author.  Aric has ignited the potential and fire within more than a half-million people with his one-of-a-kind FIRED UP message and this Friday, he’ll get to spend the day with the Crowell Wildcats!

All of the details and a short video of Aric are on our website.  He will have a busy day!  The first assembly will be for grades 4th through 6th and begin at 9:30.  The second assembly will begin at 10:45 and is for grades 7th through 12th.  After lunch, from 1:00 to 2:30, a group of 45 students nominated by our faculty and staff will attend his Leadership Training assembly.  He will spend an hour and a half with faculty and staff after school.   Then he will round out his day in Crowell with an assembly especially for families.  This assembly will begin at 5:30 in the auditorium and last until 6:30.  Our basketball games will start at 7:00 that night.  Come out at 5:30 and then stay for the games.  Everyone that attends Aric’s assembly will be treated to a bag of popcorn and bottle of water at the game. 

We are so excited about this opportunity.  Aric’s message goes hand-in-hand with everything we have been stressing  – high expectations, being responsible, the small things matter, working hard, making good choices, goal setting, etc.  He has a gift of being able to deliver that message in a memorable way that inspires and motivates.  Besides the day filled with assemblies, Aric sends a short video and email to our teachers each week that expands on the professional development he will deliver face-to-face Friday.  He will also connect with our students a couple of more times before the end of the year via Skype.  Aric is a really great guy with a gift for speaking and deep genuine desire to see our young people succeed!  I am so happy our kiddos will have the chance to meet him and hear his message.

Make plans to come on Friday at 5:30.  Even if you do not have children at home, you have about 225 at school that depend on your support!  Come be a part of this fun and inspiring day – you’ll be glad you did.

Happy New Year!

Aric Bostick


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