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Week of December 25, 2017

by From the Superintendent's Desk

Posted on December 15, 2017

By the time this edition of the Foard County News reaches you, our students will be in the first days of the much-awaited and looked forward to Christmas break.  When they walked out this past Tuesday, it marked the end of the semester and the fast approaching end of another calendar year.  When they come back to class on Thursday, January 4, it will be the start of a new semester and the beginning of a new calendar year.  It feels like I have just now gotten used to writing 2017 and now I have to try to retrain myself to write 2018!  Time waits for no one, they say, so we must make the very most of each day we are given. 


With the days we have left in this school year, we will focus our efforts and energy on finishing the year strong and ensuring we are on target to meet the goals we set.  Continue to talk with your child about the +10 goals they have made for the STAAR test this Spring and any classrooms goals they may have set.  Academic strength and progress is essential, we believe, to our students and families as well as to our society as a whole.  However, it is not the only factor that positively impacts our students, their families, and our entire society.  While we are teaching our children the curriculum and working to make sure they have a basic understanding and foundation to build on as they go through their years in school, we also believe it is vitally important to teach them self-respect and respect for others.  It is our responsibility to consistently model this for them so that they know their own self-worth and that of others around them. 


To help us help us with this effort, we are very excited to bring a dynamic energetic speaker to talk with our students when they come back from Christmas break.  His name is Aric Bostick and he is coming Friday, January 5.  He is one of, if not, the best speaker I have ever heard address students, faculty and/or families.  He will spend the day with our students grades 4 though 12 and then have a special session that evening for our families right before the basketball games that night.  Save this date and plan to come hear Aric that evening.  You will be very glad you did!  One of the assemblies Aric will have with our students will focus on leadership.  The students will learn the following HERO principles:  Honest, Empathy, Responsibility, Optimism.  It will be a great experience for our kiddos and will have a huge impact on them.  Watch our website for more details.


It’s a GREAT day to be Wildcat!

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